Urban Explorer Series: Brian's Travel Itinerary in Hong Kong

Urban Explorer Series: Brian's Travel Itinerary in Hong Kong

Editorial by - Tim Fung

“Hong Kong is my home, so I wanted to pay homage to the city that is home to me. I love it sometimes and I hate it at times too, but I represent Hong Kong.”




Brian’s Travel Itinerary in Hong Kong


We had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Julius Brian Siswojo, Founder of skate and urban streetwear store 8FIVE2 and one of the most genuine and passionate guys we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. His love for skating has led him to both success and fame, as well as to finding some of the coolest “spots” around the city. Read his recommendations of things to do in Hong Kong now:


Staying Active

My favourite skate spot in Hong Kong is this small park in Chai Wan called Wing Lei. It is not designed for skateboarding but there is a low long marble ledge and a big flat ground and curb to cruise around, which is why I love skating there the most.  Also, we are very lucky that we have Sk85iVE2, the only proper indoor skatepark in Hong Kong so that we can skate there with chill music and air conditioning during the hot and rainy seasons.


Photo Credit: Sk85IVE2


I work out every day at TRI Fitness, this dope gym in Quarry Bay, and owned by my Personal Trainer Lawrence Wong.  If I don’t go to the gym, I ride my Wattbike at home.  I think working out is the most important thing in everyone’s life! Everyone should do it. I especially say that for myself because I really love eating and I eat everything (besides meat now).


Eating Well

I am a pescatarian now, which means I only eat seafood and tons of vegetables, so this sushi joint called Sen Ryo is my all-time favourite sushi place in Hong Kong. Be sure to go to the Paterson Street location in Causeway Bay, as it is the best one in my personal opinion. Plus, their service is really good, and it is not easy to find a good restaurant with good service!  I recommend that you order the Seared Flounder sushi with black pepper sauce. It is not on the menu but it is the bomb. Everything is amazing at that place!


I also strongly recommend Samsen, the best Thai food here in Hong Kong. I recommend you try their succulent crab meat fried rice, seafood pad siew and boat noodles. My stomach is grumbling just writing about this! They don’t take reservations so if you do not have the patience, then perhaps it is best not to attempt this one!


For The Coffee Lover

I am a heavy black coffee drinker, and I really love it! I used to drink it a lot, but now I’ve been trying to tone it down to one cup a day.  I don’t have a high-end coffee palate and I love my coffee full-bodied.  I’m sure a lot of sophisticated coffee drinkers will look down at me when I say this but I am going to say it – I like the Starbucks Americano with an extra shot sometimes and serve it warm because if you don’t ask for warm, it is so piping hot that you can only drink it 2 days later! Coffee Latte at Fuel is so bomb as well but I don’t really drink latte anymore and so I just stick to my black coffee. This affordable yet delicious coffee brand called Café Direct No 5 from ParknShop that I brew at home is also very good!



There’s a saying in Chinese, “I am not saying that the flowers smell good because I am selling it”. I am not trying to be biased but 8FIVE2 skate shop is the best shop in Hong Kong. I love everything in there! Everything!


Photo: 85IVE2



I strongly recommend Handsome Factory barbershop to get a proper cut or shave for the gentlemen! It is the best barbershop in town and there are 8 locations in Hong Kong (including IFC Lane Crawford and W Hong Kong). Be sure to check out the addresses online at www.handsomefactory.com!


Photo: Handsome Factory


Spot With A View

I always bring homies coming out of town to go to the Peak, which is where you can see the most beautiful Hong Kong view at night right before sunset!