Tasting artisanal coffee MODBAR

Tasting artisanal coffee MODBAR

Editorial by – Tim Fung

“I don’t need an inspiration quote. I need COFFEE.”


Espresso machine is critical to a perfect cup of espresso. Receiving a lot of attention is the revolutionary, MODBAR, which stands out because of its quality and its ability to encourage interactions between customers and the baristas.


The sleek design of MODBAR allows guests to experience close encounter of the coffee-making process. The design encourages baristas to communicate with the customers for an opportunity to explain their stories and passion behind their daily cup of caffeine. It also encourages customers to learn about the characteristics of the coffee beans, how certain brewing method affects the taste of their coffee.


The technology behind MODBAR enables a cup of delicious coffee rather than just a decent one. MODBAR offers baristas more control, in particular when it comes to time, temperature and pressure.


‘Two very important factors during the brewing process are the pressure and temperature. By altering these two factors, the same coffee blend can taste very differently. With MODBAR, the baristas can have precise control and exert stronger pressure at the start, middle or end of the brewing process, depending on the coffee blend, to extract the specific character of the blend. The same for temperature control, according to the blend characters, different water temperature should be used.’ said Chester Tam, founder of Ideaology and working partner of Page Common.


Interested to find out more about MODBAR? Visit https://modbar.com/ or speak to our baristas at Page Common and try a cup yourself!


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