Urban Explorer Series: Ravine and Mira's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Ravine and Mira's Travel Itinerary

Editorial by - Tim Fung

“There is a strong sense of community and belonging in Hong Kong. No matter where you go in the world, if you meet someone from here, you automatically have a connection with them.”




Ravine and Mira’s Travel Itinerary



Passion and perseverance are key when it comes to achieving success, and the Founders of Sneaker Surge Ravine Mahtani and Mira Uttamchandani have demonstrated that the power of a great idea, coupled with their love for sneakers, can go a long way. When you have the power duo right at your fingertips, it only makes sense that we ask the insiders where they go in the city to find the heart and “sole” of the streetwear style and sneaker culture in Hong Kong. Here are their top recommendations:  



Sneakers Street

Sneakers Street is really an iconic establishment in the heart of Hong Kong. A majority of locals will head to this particular area (extending a few blocks from Fa Yuen Street to Nelson Street, Shantung Street, and Soy Street) to scout out thousands of pairs of sneakers from over 100 retail sneaker stores.



You can find people from all walks of life here, as it is the main transport in Hong Kong. As most Hong Kongers walk in the city, it is only natural to find the coolest kicks in a sea of people on the MTR as they commute from place to place.



It was the first restaurant of its kind to not take reservations, which meant people had to wait in line, and thus, it garnered a lot of “hype”. In essence, it holds a similar “status symbol” to sneakers. Secondly, if you are dining at Yardbird, you’re surely going to have a great time and connect with the “who’s who”, so comfort is a must.


Lan Kwai Fong

This night-life district is known for the best clubs and restaurants that Hong Kong has to offer. Club goers, celebrities, and fashionistas alike can be seen rocking their hottest pair of sneakers here for a night out on the town.


Sneaker Surge HQ

Here, we carry all your sneaker wants and needs, with our personal concierge service. Or if you just want to come “kick it with us”, this is where it’s at.



Causeway Bay

Another place that truly embodies sneaker culture in Hong Kong is Causeway Bay because many sneaker drops happen at the Nike Lab here.


Jordan Store in Central

What embodies sneaker culture better than the ultimate Jordan store in Hong Kong, located in the hustle and bustle of the Central district. It doesn’t get any better than this!