Urban Explorer Series: Raissa and Joyce's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Raissa and Joyce's Travel Itinerary

“What’s so comforting about living in London is that it is made up of all these smaller neighbourhoods – from Mayfair to Notting Hill. They are like little villages in a big city that makes London so cosy.”




Raissa and Joyce’s Travel Itinerary



Sitting down with the dynamic power duo and twin sisters Raissa and Joyce De Haas, Founders of premium mixers Double Dutch, we can feel their passion for growing the business and making some of the best mixers in the market. More importantly, they embody the essence of what it means to “work hard and play hard”. We asked the twins where they normally go in London for a good time and here’s what they recommended to us. If you’re from out of town, be prepared to take notes!



Soho House

Soho House is definitely one of our favourite places. Always has a very relaxing vibe and is unpretentious. You can go there in trainers without makeup for a great coffee or got all dressed up late at night for a G&T. There are a few houses across the city but my favourite is Greek Street and 180 Strand.



We love the delicious food and great cocktails here!



We like to go here for the best steak in London, as well as the trendy vibe.



Chateau Denmark

It just opened in the centre of Soho. Super quirky and all about the party!



Located in Camden, Koko just re-opened after some long refurbishments. Set in a 3-story house, there are multiple bars and restaurants here so there is something for everyone.


Flowerhouse Pub

The perfect place to stop by for a G&T after a day of shopping around Marylebone. And they are all about Female empowerment – most of their team & management is female so we love the rationale behind it!



This is another female-owned business by the wonderful Angela Hartnett. A classic in London with café Murano or the more upscale Murano in Mayfair.


Swingers Crazy Golf

If you want a more interactive fun night out, this is the place to be.



Stanley’s Chelsea

Here, you have a beautiful heated terrace hidden behind King’s Road. If you are there and want to dance away the night afterwards, head to Chelsea Funhouse for a late-night drink.