Urban Explorer Series: Poppy's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Poppy's Travel Itinerary

“An urban explorer is someone who can tap into different energies and vibes wherever they go and to me, urban exploration is really about feeling inspired by your surroundings.”




Poppy’s Travel Itinerary



Having the opportunity to sit down with Poppy Wall, the Co-Founder of Eym Naturals, to learn more about the inspirations behind her collection of mood-elevating and 100% natural fragrances, we could not help but notice what an incredible sense of smell (and memory) she has. Hence, for her travel itinerary, we asked her to share 5 unique scents that remind her of the UK and why it holds special meaning for her. Here’s what she said and we love it!



Inspirational place: Our garden in Wales

It is very much a scent of home for me – hence, HOME was the first candle we created.



Salt and Seaweed

Inspirational place: Cornwall

It is where my husband is from, and where we have had so many lovely holidays there. We are a family obsessed with the sea.



Coffee and Croissants

Inspirational place: London Paddington

I enjoy arriving for exciting Eym meetings here and having the Pret smells wafting past.



Frankincense, Trees and Earth

Inspirational place: Welsh Woods

Taking long walks here is incredibly grounding for me.



Smoky, Woody, BBQ Scents 

Inspirational place: North West London

I used to live here and so I love walking around here on summer nights.