Urban Explorer Series: Larry's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Larry's Travel Itinerary

Editorial by Tim Fung ; Illustration by Cynthia Lau

“One thing that mesmerizes me the most about Hong Kong are the people – my family, friends and relatives. I don’t have much of an emotional attachment to a city itself because I believe you can live well anywhere in the world if you choose to, but I must admit that I really love how diverse Hong Kong is. It can be quite addictive, as it promotes an East meets West culture unlike any other city in the world, as well as mixing the old with the new. Hong Kong is a very fast and efficient place, and I love the free economy, opportunities and resources we possess.”




Larry’s Travel Itinerary


Our Urban Explorer Mr. Larry Tang is a creative entrepreneur that is changing the face of the food industry in Hong Kong. With a series of health and wellness ventures across the city, including the likes of his much-loved restaurants Locofama and Sohofama and many more innovative projects set to roll out this year, he is an expert not only when it comes to finding healthy options around the city, but a true foodie on the hunt for something extraordinary to delight the palate. During our interview with him, we couldn’t resist asking his Top 12 restaurants in Hong Kong that he would show his guests around for a good meal and a fun night out on the town. Here’s his Top 12:


1. Locofama/Sohofama

Larry:  At Locofama, you get to experience a hippy joint in Hong Kong which we provide an array of healthy, clean culinary delights. And on Sundays, our guests get to bring their dogs. For Sohofama, you can try delicious Asian style dishes but cooked in a much healthier way using fresh produce.

Page Hotels: We, of course, have always been an avid fan of the Locofama group, renowned for their fresh, succulent-tasting dishes and chill atmosphere that always put their customers’ health and happiness at the core of their business. Be sure to try the Black Truffle Crab dip at Locofama and their Chinese-style Spicy Sichuan Mala Fried Rice at Sohofama if you can take the heat! A great spot to stop by for a delicious brunch when showing visitors around town!



2. Little Bao

Larry: I really like the creativity behind their dishes. Located in Causeway Bay, this restaurant has a very unique concept in Hong Kong that I think visitors will enjoy!

Page Hotels: We can’t stop thinking “bao” this place! The dishes are very innovative, re-inventing classic Chinese cuisine with a twist of western influence.  Their signature baos (fluffy white buns) stuffed with Asian ingredients like Szechuan fried chicken is a must try.



3. Yardbird

Larry: If you are looking for a hip, trendy eatery in Central for a fun night out on the town with friends, this is the place to go.

Page Hotels: This popular izakaya-style eatery continues to be one of the hottest spots in Hong Kong, serving delectable Japanese yakitori in the city. Be sure to come early in advance as there is always a long queue here no matter what time of the day.


4. BlackSalt Tavern

Larry: Located in Shek Tong Tsui, this joint serves delicious fusion of Indian Mediterranean food that is pretty interesting and very on point!

Page Hotels: This fusion Indian restaurant hidden at the cul-de-sac of Fuk Sau Lane in Sai Ying Pun district uses natural ingredients and almost everything offered is gluten-free, except the bread of course.  With an array of Indian dishes on the menu designed for sharing, you can truly taste various flavours from across Asia embedded into some of the dishes, making it so uniquely appetizing!


5.  BRUT!

Larry: If you like biodynamic, organic, natural wines, then you will find this place quite fascinating. What makes this eatery in Sai Ying Pun so unique is that it embraces food pairing with wine rather than wine pairing with food.

Page Hotels: This intimate restaurant and bar tucked away in Sai Ying Pun has a farm-to-table concept, offering fresh ingredients with an assortment of wines to choose from. So if you are a wine connoisseur, this intimate candlelit joint is just the place for you.


6. Tung Po Kitchen

Larry: For an authentic local experience, I would suggest this place inside Java Road Municipal Services Building in North Point district. It’s kind of like crazy, authentic Hong Kong style dishes.

Page Hotels: Tung Po Kitchen is sort of an institution in Hong Kong F&B, serving up some of the tastiest local dishes the city has to offer with a heavy focus on seafood.  If you make a stop here, be sure to try their Black Squid Ink Pasta as well as their Wind Sand Chicken – tender chicken marinated with a crispy skin that is fried to perfection, then buried in fried garlic and spices. Expect it to get rowdy when the restaurant’s co-owner Robby Cheung comes out to dance in his apron and white wellington boots!


7. Dragon-i

Larry: If you have a late dinner at 8:30pm, by around 10:00 – 10:30pm they change the big tables to a smaller tables for drinking. The food is pretty good –  it is Chinese and Japanese – and not to mention the beautiful people you get to see there. Everyone in the world goes there to party – from NBA players to David Beckham and other celebrities. I would definitely go there on a Monday or Wednesday night for dinner.

Page Hotels: Definitely not a typical place that you would think of when one thinks of food, but Dragon-i is truly one of the hippest clubs in town where the champagne never stops flowing. If Larry can attest that the food is just as comparable to its hip and hic vibe, then we are on board too!


8.  Aqua

Larry: The view is amazing up there so I would take friends visiting from out-of-town

Page Hotels: The immaculate harbour views and stunning glass interiors is enough to swoon you over from the moment you walk into the restaurant on the 29th floor of 1 Peking Road in Tsim Sha Tsui district. Offering both fine Japanese and Italian cuisine, we’d say that both cuisines are equally tantalizing.



9. Harbourside at Intercontinental Hong Kong

Larry: I would go for the buffet with the full harbour view!

Page Hotels: The surreal views of Victoria Harbour with a backdrop of the skyline on Hong Kong Island will take your breath away. Acclaimed for its elaborate buffets, with chefs presenting a tempting array of Western and Asian dishes, you can find yourself enjoying a delectable meal at Harbourside during anytime of the day.


10. Tsim Chai Kee Noodle Shop

Larry: I really like the wonton noodles here. They are located on Wellington Street in Central and there is also another branch in Sai Ying Pun.

Page Hotels: This simple noodle shop is known for its handmade fish balls, delectable wontons and hearty beef that pairs sensationally with their vibrant yellow noodles. If you weren’t aware, they are also recommended in the Michelin guide.


11. Ciao Chow

Larry: In my opinion, Ciao Chow has the best pizza in Hong Kong!

Page Hotels: Situated right in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, the club districted lined with incredible bars and restaurants, Ciao Chow is a comfortable and casual eatery serving authentic Italian cuisine. Don’t leave without trying their famous pizzas which are all cooked in an Italian woodfire pizza oven.


12. Jo Jo Indian Cuisine

Larry: I really love butter chicken so I come here quite frequently for the delicious Indian cuisine.

Page Hotels: Jo Jo Indian Cuisine is one of the most beloved Indian restaurant chains in town. Originally known as JoJo Mess Club, JoJo has been serving up authentic and traditional Indian food in the Wan Chai district since 1985. Get your Indian cuisine fix at their eatery in Wan Chai or you can visit their other branch in Sai Kung.