Urban Explorer Series: Justin's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Justin's Travel Itinerary

Editorial by - Tim Fung

“It is pretty amazing to share the waves with so many different types of people in the water with different nationalities, different jobs, different walks of life.”




Justin’s Travel Itinerary



Surfing is not only a sport, but it’s a community, a lifestyle. And there is no other brand that can better encapsulate that refreshing summer feeling than local surf and apparel brand Float Captain. And if we ever need a quick escape to the beaches to find some peace of mind, we’ll go to Justin Potter, its co-founder, for some advice. Here are his recommendations for the best places to surf in the world. Read his Top 10 now:


Hong Kong

Tai Long Wan definitely not a top contender, but because it’s home, it still provides everyone plenty of joy and is super special and unique in its own way.



Would highly recommend a boat trip around the Northern atolls. Stops like Sultans and Jails are regional classics. Just perfection



South and north shores. We’ve spent a lot of time surfing in Hawaii and there are many different types of experiences to be had. I personally prefer the south shore as it’s more chill. Also, a great place to learn.




Also, another place with a wide range of surf breaks, along that coast you have areas like Padang Padang, Seminyak, and Canggu. We tend to hover around Seminyak the most I’d say.



From the top to the bottom of the east coast is just full of great spots. Because it’s so close to HK (1-hour flight), it’s a favourite for local surfers looking for waves. Usually, we make the trek to the Taitung area and meet up with our Taiwan FC fam!



From the urban beaches around Sydney to the plentiful point breaks outside of Melbourne is where we would normally go. It’s cold so make sure you pack a good wetsuit!




Over to a much warmer part of the world, and made up of thousands of islands there is plenty of surf! Famous for its razor-sharp reef at Cloud 9 in Siargao, there are also places like San Juan, Baler, Quezon, and Zambales worth mentioning.


Santa Cruz

The boys have made the trips here, but it’s too cold for me! Steamer Lane is the classic spot, as well as Pleasure Point, is a must-try. Bring an even warmer wetsuit!



Another best experienced by boat charter as it’s split over 4 main islands. It’s one of the next destinations on our to-do list so check-in after! All the spots look insanely good…too good.



Snow surfing. While there is also plenty of good surf around Japan, what is truly special is the powder snow in Hokkaido. The quality and amount of powder is hard to beat and there is a crew of amazing boarders and surfers making some incredible craft which are the roots of the snow surf culture.