Urban Explorer Series: Interview with Harri Price

Urban Explorer Series: Interview with Harri Price

“To me, urban exploration is about enjoying the newness of it all.”




Harri Price

Founder of Habit Haus




Our Urban Explorer


Could you please introduce yourself to our guests?

I am Harri Price, the Founder of Habit Haus – a candle and lifestyle brand that is homegrown in London.


Tell us more about your uplifting and colourful brand Habit Haus.

Habit Haus was born during the Covid lockdown in January 2021, amidst the gloomy winter, in which I wanted to spread some positive energy and happiness to others through my handmade candles. I was selling them on Etsy at the time and I can clearly recall that on the third or fourth day, I received multiple orders out of the blue because an influencer had purchased one of my candles and posted about it on their Instagram. It all happened immediately and I had to furiously start purchasing all the supplies and make more candles to meet the demand. It just took over my kitchen and I had to deliver everything in three days. It was a whirlwind, to say the least, but that was essentially how it all started.


So you are hosting several creative candle-making workshops on Page8. Could you tell our guests what they can expect from this exclusive workshop with you?

I’m thrilled to be invited by Page8 to host these candle-making workshops as I think the best way for people to get acquainted with the brand is to make it with their own hands. In this workshop, I teach participants how to bend and mould candles into our signature Bendy Boy candles but they can get creative and just have fun creating their own shapes.


Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I’ve always had side hustles and I have always really enjoyed running a business. I’m good at finance. I’m creative and I really enjoy creating things with my hands. Hence, I have embarked on many other projects and side hustles but this is one that has been the most enjoyable and the most successful for me. I’m really happy with where we’re at.


What does” Urban Explorer” mean to you and how do you think you fit into this term?

To me, urban exploration is about enjoying the newness of it all. I love walking out the door with my tote bag, just going with the flow and not knowing where I’ll end up. Sometimes you don’t need a definitive plan to leave the house. The best moments are unexpected when you simply walk around and stumble upon the little pubs or cute shops. The sheer scale of London is massive and there’s just so much history here. There are endless things in the city to entertain and inspire you.


Create Your Own Habits


Habit Haus was born out of lockdown to bring playful moments to people’s lives by inspiring them to create their own habit of lighting a candle and taking care of oneself. Do you believe in the power of rituals? If so, what kind of rituals do you practise?

For me, it’s all about routine. In the morning, I really like to start my day with a fresh pot of coffee that turns itself on in the morning. When the sun is out and the light shines through my window in the kitchen, I just try and take a moment to sit and have a look while I have my coffee. I also enjoy winding down in the evening. These little moments of appreciation and self-care are what I wanted to portray with Habit House. By simply lighting a candle, it is a token to start winding down the day and getting back to you.  Whether it’s lighting a candle, reading a few pages of your book, or taking a bath, it is important to give yourself that moment of self-love. Another ritual I practice is inviting friends over for dinner, where we gather around the dining table and light some candles. It really sets the mood for relaxation. That is when I’m most proud to bring out my candles and indulge in a beautiful dining experience with friends around my table.


Was it difficult to start a business during a lockdown?

I noticed a lot of people started new businesses during the lockdown, and I honestly think that it was something to entertain us. We had freedom of thought to let our minds wander into places we haven’t before so, in that respect, I did not find it difficult. I actually really enjoyed it because it gave me a real sense of purpose to continue working on this little passion project that I had started and growing it.


Are all Habit Haus products designed by you? Please let us know the whole creative process, from its initial design to the actual creation of the product.

Habit Haus is essentially a one-man band, so all the products are crafted by me. In terms of the creative process, I start by envisioning the colour palette I want for the candles and a persona for my target customer. Her name is Sophie and she is in the 20 to 35 age bracket who is fun-loving and loves to purchase things for her friends. She loves a bit of whimsy and colour and dresses up her home. I build the brand around her and then I bring in different colours that complement her. Over the years, I have developed six colourways that I embody Habit House. And then from there, I also get some inspiration from unique patterns that I see in real life. I enjoy dreaming up new colours and new designs for the brand!


If you can collaborate with any brand right now, who would it be and why?

I really love what Laura Jackson does at Glassette. She just started an online marketplace and I just think her aesthetic is so nice and eclectic. I also really love what Matilda Goad does. She’s got this beautiful aesthetic as well. These are two women that are creating and curating such gorgeous things so I would love to work with them.


What are the challenges of running your own business in London?

As I run the business on my own, I am great at some things but I will be the first to admit that I am not great at everything. I’m lucky that I’m good at creative and that I really enjoy working on the finance side of the business, but perhaps my strength is not at creating content online. Hence, these things may pose a challenge for me. Also, during the pandemic, the supply chain was just all over the place. Therefore, securing inventory was a pain at the time, but once you develop close working relationships with trusted suppliers, it becomes smooth sailing.



As an entrepreneur, what is the single best piece of advice you could give someone who is looking to start their own business endeavour?

I would tell them to take ownership of their business and take pride in building it. I recall that in my early days of starting this venture, I did not speak to many people about my business. And looking back, I think that was something I should have done more of. As I started speaking to people about it, they gave such great advice that has helped me greatly on this journey. Also, by verbalising it, it sort of solidifies them for you. When I took pride in it, I was able to bring it up at a dinner party and people would be really excited about it. And they still are. Another thing I learned to do as well was not to diminish my business – so not referring it as my “little candle thing”. I acknowledged it as my own business or my side hustle, and it instantly gives it its own space in life.


What do you find most rewarding or fulfilling about your job?

For me, it is the relationships with people that I have come across in the industry. For example, I have some really great relationships with my stockists. We go back and forth when coming up with ideas together, and we develop candles purely for them. I have also really enjoyed meeting other incredible women in the industry that have raised me up and that I’ve raised them up as well. These are women that I’ve worked with on various pop-ups and at the markets with which I have developed great relationships that inspire me every day. There is such a great sense of community and empowerment. Another thing I love about my job is getting to see customers’ reactions to my creations. It is so beautiful to see the expression on their faces and their laughter when they hear these silly candle names and explore the unique shapes and colours. It brings me so much joy!


Travel Inspiration


As an entrepreneur, does your work allow you the flexibility to traverse across the city more?

I have definitely been able to explore different parts of London because of where my candles are stocked. For example, Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross is a really vibrant place where I organise a lot of markets there. There are some other extraordinary stores in that area. Brick Lane has done a really wonderful job with curating their stores. I love that my job allows me to travel in and around different parts of London!


So where does your inspiration for travel come from?

For me, my travels are generally centered around a few of my hobbies. I really enjoy skiing so I try to embark on a ski holiday every year around Christmas, and New Years’ time. My partner and I also love wine so we try to get into great wine regions.


What other destinations are on your bucket list?

I would love to go to the Caribbean and just drink rum and explore their beaches so I will try to make it happen next year! I would also like to go hiking in Switzerland and stay in one of the chalets. It is just so stunning there in the summertime, surrounded by beautiful lakes and flowers. It is definitely on my bucket list!



How do you find ways to explore London?

I love exploring the city on a bike or scooter. When I first moved here, I did not get on the tube for six weeks because there was a pandemic so I just bought a bike and cycled everywhere. It was exhilarating being above ground and getting to know the little streets while finding your way around. I love being able to see different parts of town that you probably wouldn’t be able to reach if you were on foot.


What do you enjoy most about the city? Are there certain elements or characteristics that is visibly London?

There is never a dull moment when you are living in London as there is always something to do. You can check out a theatre show, try out a new restaurant, or take a stroll in the park. In London, people are always creating new things, new events, and new experiences for others to enjoy.


Are there other homegrown lifestyle brands from the UK that you love and can recommend to our guests?

I really love the brand Cuemars. Their aesthetic is just so amazing and they have this huge colourful store with so many cool houseplants in front of it. Inside, they house a collection of unique wall art prints, jewellery, candleholders, and other beautiful things. In Hackney, there is a brand called Schrubs and Dubs run by a lovely lady named Faye that sells beautiful houseplants and vinyl records that I love and had the pleasure of doing a pop-up with. I love their fun and bright aesthetic! Another small business that I really love and that I think is doing such an amazing job is A South London Maker’s Market run by twin sisters Daisy and Liv Tinker. They curate 30 makers and showcase their works down in South London every month, selecting some of the most beautiful offerings.


In 3 words, how would you describe London?

Vibrant, Diverse, Endlessly Entertaining