Urban Explorer Series: Hannah's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Hannah's Travel Itinerary

“Urban exploration can simply be taking a stroll outside and discovering an amazing new pub by chance. London is an amazing city and I love doing just that – seeing where the road kind of takes me and then discovering all these hidden gems.”



Hannah Porter

Founder of Restoration London



Hannah’s Travel Itinerary



Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of speaking to Ms. Hannah Porter, Founder of Restoration London- an independent organisation that focuses on sustainability within the clothing industry. As an avid supporter of sustainability and fashion, she lets us in on some of her favourite places in London that do a superb job of upholding sustainable practises.


Restoration London

Here, we run various workshops to introduce ways of mending clothing through various textile methods, in hopes of inspiring people to learn new, invaluable skills and reconnect with textile techniques.



Beyond Retro

I’m a huge fan of vintage clothing so I love this store! It is a chain store here in London, so they have a few of them around the city. They have big warehouses that house such unique pieces and I admire how they have been doing stuff with sustainability for years.




They used to be located in Hackney and it is a studio that you can go in and make weaving samples. They run a lot of workshops and one-to-one sessions where you can bring a project that you’re working on and receive support from the team, which ties in quite nicely with sustainability as well.