Urban Explorer Series: Hang Zhai's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Hang Zhai's Travel Itinerary

Editorial by - Tim Fung

“Having reflected on my work up to this point, I would say that it is a true representation of Hong Kong. It infuses elements of old and new, as well as East meets West. It was never my intention to do so, but having been born and raised in Hong Kong, naturally my experiences in this city and the way I view the world has shaped my artistic style. By incorporating all these elements into my pieces, that is how I keep the Hong Kong culture alive.”




Hang Zhai’s Travel Itinerary



Have you ever wondered what inspires an artist? For Artist and Founder of No Paper Studio Lam Ka-hang, he is most creative when he can freely lose himself in the things that bring him joy most – films, comics, games and his family. His iconic art pieces truly embody the heart and soul of new and old Hong Kong and it is this very city that has influenced his unique art sense. With this in mind, it is only fair that he shares with us some of these cultural gems that has played such a significant part in shaping his art. Follow our urban explorer as he takes you around to some of the most eclectic places in the city, from local arcades to housing estates that serve up the best Hong Kong-style burgers:


8AM: Wake up and get ready!


9AM: Head over to the famous Yee Shun Dairy Company located in Jordan for breakfast. This eatery is actually known for its delectable steamed milk pudding and if you visit this joint, you must try their popular item, the “Double-Skin” Steamed Milk Pudding, which uses a special steaming technique that creates a velvety smooth milk pudding with a rich, thin sheet of milk on top. For breakfast, you can enjoy signature Cha Chaan Teng-style (Hong Kong Café) breakfast items such as Ham & Egg Toast, Macau Pork Chop Bun and French Toast. After a delicious morning meal, walk it off by exploring Temple Street comprised of many cool shops that sell everything from electronic gadgets to antiques.


Photo by Marco Symphony


10:30AM: Once you’ve had your fair share of shopping and eating, Hang Zhai recommends you kick it down a notch by walking over to iSquare in Tsim Sha Tsui for a morning IMAX show. After all, what’s better than having the theatre all to yourself while you catch your favourite flick?


Photo by Meraj Chhaya


11:30AM: In Hong Kong, there is something for everyone! If you are a hardcore gamer or have an appreciation for anime, then head over to Yau Ma Tei to shop for souvenirs at In’s Point, an arcade that sells everything from Legos to limited edition figurines and collectibles. Nearby, you can also check out Sino Centre and browse through a wide array of comics, manga and games to your heart’s content!


1PM:  The day is still early so why not take a ferry from Central Pier to Cheung Chau for some exploration while you indulge in their renowned giant curry fish balls. This sleepy little island is home to close to 23,000 residents, and many foodies will deliberately venture out to Cheung Chau to feast on the fresh seafood and local eats like dim sum, dumplings and ping on baos (peace buns) filled with sesame, lotus seed and red bean paste. With this in mind, be sure to bring some cash as most of these eateries do not accept credit cards


Photo by Francisco Anzola


5PM: After a few hours of exploring the island (*Note: We recommend you reserve a day for this trip as there is so much to see, but it is up to your own discretion), Hangh Zhai recommends that you head back to Hong Kong Island via the ferry and taxi over to Oi Man Plaza in Ho Man Tin district where you can enjoy some hearty Hong Kong-style burgers at fast food joint 天馬快餐 (no English name) pre-dinner. The best seller is the hamburger but they also offer alternatives like fish filet which will surely not disappoint! After a rich afternoon snack, burn it off with some bowling and snooker at Oi Man Estate Bowling Centre


8PM: For dinner, if you are up for dining out in the open, go to any supermarket near Jordan Valley in Ngau Tau Kok district and feast on your favourite sashimi platter and pizza with friends and family in the park while taking turns playing off-road remote-control cars on the hillside. After all, nothing beats quality family time


10PM:  When the night is still young, Hang Zhai recommends you visit Chiu Chow Hop Shing Dessert in Kowloon City. Serving up some classic Hong Kong-style desserts like black sesame dumplings, water chestnut sweet soup and green bean sweet soup, this is a place you will frequent, especially during the winter to warm you right up! We recommend you try the bean curd sheet sweet soup, which can be served either hot or cold, because it is absolutely delicious!