Urban Explorer Series: Grace's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Grace's Travel Itinerary

“Exploration to me is a mindset. It is not just about exploring the city streets, but it is observing the details through your own eyes and interpreting the experience first-hand. It could be good; it could be bad. But you can take it in and create something beautiful out of it. In a busy city like Hong Kong, you can find inspiration at every corner.”




Grace’s Travel Itinerary



The origins of the qipao, also known as cheongsam, can be traced back to the turn of the 20th century, reflecting the elegance and beauty of the times. Traditionally, it was worn during special and festive occasions such as wedding dinners and Chinese New Year, but Ms. Grace Choi, fashion designer and founder of cheongsam brand Yi-ming, has made it accessible to a whole new generation of fashion lovers for everyday wear. Having designed a kaleidoscope of captivating cheongsam for her clients, we ask her to share with us 8 places in Hong Kong that constantly inspire her work. Read more now to find out.


Ocean Terminal

Grace recommends you visit the Ocean Terminal Deck and outdoor car park on top of Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui for an amazing overview of Victoria Harbour. Here, you can avoid a sea of shoppers and still be able to admire the impeccable panoramic view of the city skyline.


Traditional Hardware Shops

Yi-ming Oriental really prides itself on being a brand that fosters heritage and culture. With that in mind, Grace suggests that you explore the traditional hardware shops where tools and materials hang from the ceiling and walls. Be amazed by the shop owners who know exactly where every little product is placed.



Tai Ping Shan Street

This is home to a variety of unique coffee shops and the famous curry fried rice and milk tea at local restaurant “Yuk Kin Fast Food Restaurant.” While you’re there, visit the local design brand shop “Yi-ming” at the corner of Tung Street and Tai Ping Shan Street to find a modern twist on the traditional Cheongsam / Qipao.


Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung

If you enjoy the outdoors, then you must hike to Tai Long Wan so you can experience the breathtaking crystal-clear beach. Camping overnight is a great option to immerse yourself in Hong Kong’s natural beauty.



City Bus Tour

Take an open-top bus tour to explore the city and get an overview of the high-rise commercial buildings in Central and the surrounding old traditional buildings in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay.


Luk On Kui

Indulge in yum cha at Luk On Kui in Sai Wan to experience traditional daily life dining in old Hong Kong.



Happy Valley Racecourse

Enjoy an evening of horse racing at Happy Valley Racecourse, surrounded by high-rise residential buildings. Feel the exhilarating atmosphere in the beer garden and among the local gamblers cheering on their favorite horses.


Sham Shui Po

Explore one of the oldest districts, Sham Shui Po, known for its traditional street vendors, historical buildings, fabric and tools markets, and trendy contemporary cafes. Prepare to be surprised by the unique and interesting discoveries you won’t find in other areas of Hong Kong.