Urban Explorer Series: Deanna's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Deanna's Travel Itinerary

“When we think of the term “urban explorer”, the first word that comes to mind is “city”, but for me, it is about connecting with nature in these urban areas. Whenever I am feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed in London, I will go down to the river and take a long stroll by the river or in a park for a few hours. There are so many opportunities to connect with nature in these urban environments.”



Deanna Brash

General Manager of Bodyism



Deanna’s Travel Itinerary



Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of speaking to Ms. Deanna Brash, General Manager of Bodyism – a holistic wellness company that provides a powerful blueprint for a long, happy, and healthy life through five pillars: movement, mindset, nutrition, recovery, and connection. Having spoken to the multi-talented health professional who not only manages Bodyism but also plays an active role in designing and teaching some of its popular classes, Deanna shares with us some of her favourite places in London where she goes to find some peace of mind when she’s not in the studio. Read her full itinerary now.


7AM: I like to wake up early and be out of the house by this time for a nice morning stroll around the city. In London, there is something so unique about walking around the city so I try to always walk around on foot if you can avoid public transportation. There is no harm in getting lost in London because you will often see something interesting like a quirky building, and it’s all very unique.



10AM: I will arrive at Bodyism for a quick morning workout, which usually consists of a PT session with one of the trainers, as I love to work out in the gym, or perhaps attend a dance class to get my body moving.



12PM: After a good workout, I like to replenish with a healthy brunch at the Bodyism café. My go-to drink is the signature coffee with a shot of body brilliance protein. It has a fruity taste that is complemented by a chocolate protein that tastes like a mocha but is super healthy and delicious!



2PM: Once I have filled my appetite, I will walk through Hyde Park and head into a spin class. I used to teach spin classes, and I love them. Hence, if I was able to physically fit in another workout, I would probably do so because I think it’s super fun.



3:30PM: After class, I would walk again to the embankment and then I go towards the river and hop on one of the ferries where you can see numerous landmarks like St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London.



4PM: I would go all the way out to Greenwich Park and as I come back, I can stop by Borough Market and explore the food market in the late afternoon.


6PM: After the market, I will walk across Tower Bridge where I will be near Fenchurch Street. Here, I can head to the metro station and jump on the Central line back into Mayfair for dinner at Rüya London, a stylish restaurant that serves up contemporary Anatolian cuisine.