Urban Explorer Series: Arnault’s Retail Recommendations in Hong Kong

Urban Explorer Series: Arnault’s Retail Recommendations in Hong Kong

“Even though it is such a big city and so diverse in culture and people, the community feeling here is still quite strong. Here, you can live the life that you want, whether it is more Hong Kong style, more European or a good mix of both.”




Arnault’s Retail Recommendations in Hong Kong


When you are in Hong Kong, what are the Top 10 retail concepts in the city that you think is worth visiting? Can you share with us your 24-hour itinerary in the city?


To get it out of the way, I would like to talk about my stores first. It’s not because I am shameless but we have been working for 14 years now to make Kapok fresh, exciting and special, so I am proud and happy to recommend our stores.


We have a flagship in Wan Chai at 8 Sun Street, next to a space for pop-up on 5 St. Francis Yard. We are also in PMQ with a focus on Hong Kong brands and designers. Our Kowloon flagship is at K11 Musea. Finally, we just opened a men’s accessories store in Central in Landmark basement. 


Kapok St. Francis Yard in Wan Chai


Kapok K11 Musea in Tsim Sha Tsui               Kapok PMQ in Central


We also run two stores for New York and Hong Kong modern menswear brand O.N.S. For each store, we make sure to adapt to the neighbourhood and present different product assortments, while keeping our Kapok style and good mood.


O.N.S Clothing in Wan Chai



Wan Chai / Star Street Precinct

I love the area near our flagship and office, especially because it’s home to many great independent stores.

Odd One Out: A gallery dedicated to illustration and printmaking. always fantastic unexpected exhibitions, and a great selection of fanzines

Monocle store: Reliable provider of news and well-thought collaborations

Petit Bazaar: I am the happy uncle of 2-year old twin girls and this is my go-to store to make these cute babies happy

Edgar: Zero-waste store for more conscious consumption, and also delicious healthy snacks



Tai Hang

This is where the first Kapok opened in 2006, and I lived in this area for 9 years. It’s quiet and residential, with great restaurants and a couple very interesting new stores.

Kanamono Hardware Store: Tiny store when you feel transported to japan, with quirky and useful homeware products

The Shophouse: A beautiful pre -WW2 building that always stopped me in my tracks is now home to a 4-storey gallery, with each floor dedicated to the works of unconventional artists and designers



Sham Shui Po

There are a lot of cute cafes and stores in this area that has been funnily dubbed the “Brooklyn of Hong Kong”. My favourite remains MIDWAY Shop for his tightly curated selection of home products

PHVLO HATCH: A lovely coffee shop on the ground floor, and gallery and store for Hong Kong brand PHVLO by the super-talented Johanna Ho on the upper floors



Hong Kong Historical Design and Iconic Objects

It’s very interesting to dig deeper and discover the objects that are shaping Hong Kong’s unique identity. Two locations are ideal for this treasure hunting:

Hak Dei / Wai Chi Street Playground: The best curation and beautiful merchandising of all iconic designers used by generation of Hong Kongers

Chu Wing Kee: On Possession St is a messier but still enchanting version. I love how crockery, tea pots or bamboo baskets are hanging from the ceiling



The Best Hobby Stores

Hay Fever Floral & Gifts: If you’re into plants and want to find a store that treat plants well and give good advice. It’s in the middle of the flower market

Rue Madame: For the Francophiles, this is the best selection of very French women’s fashion. The Lee Garden store is my favourite

PAN-HANDLER: Located in Central. The semi-lockdown allowed me to explore my burgeoning cooking skills. And this is the best place to find anything for your kitchen. Smart advice by an always friendly team.