Urban Explorer Series: Ana’s Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Ana’s Travel Itinerary

“I love Londoners. Everyone I have ever come across has been so generous with their advice and sharing knowledge. There is true collaboration. It almost feels as if we found a piece of home and family within each other as everyone is so far from their motherland.”




Ana’s Travel Itinerary



Art has the power to transform the way we see the world, illuminating our lives and encouraging us to think boldly outside the confines of everyday life. And it is Artist and Founder of Kana London herself, Ms. Ana Kerin, that does exactly that with her captivating ceramics and inspiring devotion for the city of London. As a local herself, she shares with us the Top 10 places of inspiration for her in the city. Read more now:


The British Museum

In the words of Ana, “Nothing can compare with their ceramics collection.” If you are into ceramics, then you are in for a real treat. This museum’s impressive collection spans over two million years of human history and culture. With over 6 million visitors every year, The British Museum houses world-renowned objects like the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies.


Camden Art Centre

Personally, one of Ana’s favourite galleries, this art centre is a contemporary art gallery located in the London Borough of Camden that hosts temporary exhibitions and educational outreach projects. Ana recalls seeing a show of one of her favourite sculptors, Eva Hesse, in which she exclaims that the exhibition was one of her favourite and most memorable moments in London.


Hayward Gallery

An art gallery within the Southbank Centre in central London, England, Hayward Gallery displays a wide range of contemporary and modern art with more than 7,500 works of art by generations of British artists. This is probably one of Ana’s favourite galleries as it holds many memories for her throughout the years. Ana confesses that she associates some of her lows and highs with certain shows she has seen there (You know the feeling you get when a certain album always reminds you of that heartbreak you had after university? It is that kind of memory that still pulls at Ana’s heartstrings. She vividly remembers a DJ night hosted by David Shirley in a gallery bar during his solo show, which were some of her early days in London while she was still writing her MA dissertation and was completely star struck. Years later, Ana attended Alicia Kwade’s solo show at the Hayward Gallery, after spending the summer at the same art residency as her. Ana gushes, “She was always my girl crush while at school.”)


The New Craftsmen (always inspiring)

Always an inspiration to Ana, this platform curates, commissions and sells unique contemporary British crafts that are rooted in craftsmanship and narrative. There are over 100 makers represented across a variety of material and disciplines that include wood, clay, glass, cotton, wool, and metal.


Mint Shop

This chic gallery based in Central London showcases contemporary and unique handcrafted ceramics, glassware and textiles. Mint displays limited-edition pieces and regularly commissions artists and designers to create pieces exclusive to Mint.


Momosan Shop

Situated on Wilton Way, this cute shop offers an array of homeware and products made by skilled independent craftspeople, akin to the pottery shops of Japan. You can honestly sift through the store’s decadent home décor and apparel for hours here, but be sure to save some time to explore the area as well. Ana suggests you walk to the end of the road and try the scrumptious cakes at Violet Bakery.



Based in Newington Green, Perilla is a contemporary neighbourhood restaurant that uses high quality ingredients in every dish, with a focus on a modern interpretation of classical European flavours. Ana recommends you try the incredible tasting menu here to understand how food can be an inspiration for the body, mind and soul. The ceramics may be modest but compliment the food perfectly.


Koya Bar Soho

This is Ana’s favourite Japanese bar that she frequents often. This simple, cafe-style Japanese eatery serves up delicious yet affordable upon noodles and small plates for your enjoyment. The ceramics consist of a good mixture of traditional and London-based potters, and the food is inspiring. For a delightful surprise, she suggests that you order from specials board!


Osip in Somerset

To experience Ana’s unique ceramics whilst enjoying rich, delicious food, visit Osip, a humble little restaurant that conjures up succulent farm-to-table dishes in Somerset. Be sure to plan ahead and while you are it, visit Houser and Wirth Gallery. You can make a weekend holiday out of it!


Kana London Studio / London Fields In Hackney

For the final stop, don’t forget to try out one of Ana’s signature ceramics classes or pick up a few of her eclectic sculptures and ceramics as souvenirs that are up for sale, by appointment-only. She would love to meet you!


Photo courtesy of kanalondon.com